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Chiropractic misconceptions

Many new patients call us to start their pet with the goal of getting a "fast fix" for their pet.⁠

And you know what? The most exciting thing about animal chiropractic care is that we can help your pet with pain.... and quickly! Very many of our new patients see results in just a few visits.⁠

However, structural care is akin to any other healthy habit (brushing your teeth, working out, eating healthy, and/or personal hygiene.) ⁠

The results you make are often LOST when you get out of a routine.⁠

So don't say chiropractic care "didn't work" for your pet when the pain came back.⁠

Do you blame your personal trainer for your lack of 6 pack abs after just 2 visits to the gym?⁠

Hard work done over time lends itself to better results.⁠

Your pet's spine is NOT like the tires on your car. You cannot "JUST REPLACE" them and be done with it.⁠

Many pet parents we meet tell us some sort of variation of this.

"He isn't crying so it doesn't seem to be hurting."

"Well, she's limping... but, it doesn't seem painful."

As humans, we expect our pets to show pain like we show pain. Verbally. Acutely. In a way that is so plain as day how-could-you-not-notice kind of way.

However, that's not how pets function.

By the time your pet shows you that they have a problem, the pain is already so severe that they can hardly function. They have modified, compensated, and hobbled along until they just can't hide it anymore.

When it comes to joint or spine pain, it is much easier to start care before there's a problem rather than wait until you see signs of a problem.

Because by the time your pet is showing you (the owner) signs, it may already be too late.

A trained animal chiropractic specialist can identify small dysfunctional areas in your pet's spine before they become symptomatic complaints.

So that way, you pay less in the long run and your pet gets to enjoy a long, full life without aches and pains!

Let's talk about it.

Money is tight. Chiropractic care for your pet isn't on the top of your priority list.

I get it.

However, consider for a second how much your pet's episodic back pain is REALLY costing you.

Emergent ER visit ~$600-800

X rays and diagnostics ~$300

Pain medication ~ $30-60 per bottle

And maybe your vet recommends spinal surgery...

Another ~$8-10k

Grand total of approximately $11 grand


Routine chiropractic care for 12 months at 2 visits a month?

A grand total of ~$1500

That's less than 7x the cost.

That's a lot of savings.

What is it costing you to NOT have your dog on a maintenance plan?

...So what?

What if you don't "believe"? Chiropractic care still WORKS.

There's no placebo effect when it comes to animals.

I don't tell them to walk better after I adjust them.

I don't tell them to just push through the pain and perform better.

I don't tell them to jump into the car again after 3 years of not doing so.

There isn't any "belief" of yours that factors into this equation.

Be skeptical. But, be willing to try.

However, if you're unwilling to try something just because a "friend of a friend" said it doesn't work...

Or you watched one "scary video one time."

And you are ignoring literally hundreds of (human) research studies on the efficacy of chiropractic in mitigating pain WITHOUT the need for drugs or surgery...

Then... sorry, I can't help you.

Many human research studies are showing chiropractic care to be safe and effective for the mitigation of pain in a myriad of musculoskeletal complaints.

In my experience, the same is true for my animal patients.

Not to mention....

The average malpractice insurance for a chiropractor is one tenth of that of your average surgeon.

That means chiropractic patients on average have less negative side effects across the board.

Average side effects from an adjustment: some muscle soreness

Average side effects from medication and/or surgery: (insert long paragraph here.)


*This blog post is based on my opinion and should not constitute, nor should it replace, veterinary advice. Please ask your vet about chiropractic care and make an informed decision based upon what is right for you and your animal.*


I want to let you know you came to the right place for integrative and holistic health for your pet!

We are certified by the AVCA which is a top notch and rigorous certification program of 200+ hours class time followed by a written and practical board exam. We take 10 yearly hours of continuing education because we value knowing the most in order to provide the best.

When choosing adjustments for your pet, choose someone licensed, trained, and certified.

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