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How to help your dog lose weight

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Our monthly blog is going to focus on how you can help your pet shed those pounds (or maybe not even gain them in the first place!)

Always ask your vet when you try any new diet regimens with your animal

Choose veggies!

The holidays can inadvertently become a time of weight gain,... for us and our pets.

So, I wanted to discuss some tactful strategies you can use to help your pet avoid packing on the holiday pounds

Have you ever considered slicing up extra veggies and feeding them to your pet? Ask your vet what veggies to try and which to avoid.

You can't go wrong with cucumber or carrots!

No free feeding

As challenging as it may be, we have to set boundaries on when (and how much) our pet is allowed to eat.⁠

Grazers beware! It's time to pick up that bowl and only allow your pet to eat when you decide it's time⁠

Limit food intake only to certain times so your pet can learn and get into a routine.

Weigh the food

Many owners will tell me they feed X cups of food per day⁠

Volume is a poor guide when it comes to answering the question on if your pet is getting enough (or too much) food.⁠

I recommend pet parents invest in a scale and measure their pet's food by weight so they can exactly and reliably calculate how much their pet is eating

Slow them down

Encourage your pet to work for their weighed and rationed food by investing in puzzle toys.

A snuffle mat, a wobbler toy, or a slow dispensing toy filled with your pets food can engage your pet's mind and slow down their caloric intake


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