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Helpful cat tips

Many people are surprised that I see cat patients. They can be challenging patients with their own host of quirks.. but I wanted to use this blog to highlight some clinical pearls that may help you take better care of your kitty!

My top 5 cat tips!

Pretty litter

Photo of @prettylitter

It's no secret that cats struggle with renal disease. But the problem is... your cat can't tell you when they are having a flare up!

I see many cats with lumbosacral dysfunction struggle with renal problems as the nerves of the low back and tailbone directly innervate the kidneys and bladder. A combination of lifestyle and diet can predispose your cat to having stones, blockages, and inappropriate elimination.

I love the colorful ingenuity of this product as the litter will change color as the urine consistency / pH changes. If the urine changes suddenly, you can make a quick phone call to schedule a visit. No more guesswork!

Nail caps

Photo from Getty Images

Many pet parents don't know that declawing is the equivalent of cutting the end of your finger off (imagine cutting every finger just above your nail.) Ouch!

This can predispose your cat to early onset arthritis that may decrease your cat's quality of life.

I suggest you talk to your vet about trying nail caps as an alternative.

With a little bit of patience (and some glue) your cat can have some fancy toe nails that have a dual purpose of preventing damage to the furniture.

Consider the litterbox

Imagine you can hardly walk because your back hurts so bad.

You go to the bathroom... and you have to contort yourself in order to make it up onto (or down into) the toilet.

Sound appealing?

This is what many arthritic cats are dealing with. Ergonomically, cats may choose to not use their litterbox based upon the difficulty they have getting into and out of the cat box.

For many cats with back pain, consider ramps or shorter entry walls so your kitty can comfortably get in or out.

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Pictured is @feliwaycat⁠

Did you know that cats communicate through smell? There are several glands cats have that excrete chemicals known as pheromones. ⁠

You will often notice a cat rubbing along certain surfaces to mark them with these pheromones. Certain pheromones trigger certain emotions for your kitty,⁠

Veterinarian derived pheromones can help translate positive vibes! If you have an anxious, timid, or naughty kitty... this plugin can help.

Cat grass

Cats are obligate carnivores, which means that over 90% of their diet is supposed to come from meat sources,⁠

However, how many of us see our cats munching on plants? ⁠

Safe cat plants (like cat grass) can provide roughage to aid in digestion, can provide your cat with healthy vitamins and minerals, and can provide a safe outlet for your bored or anxious kitty.⁠

Not all plants are cat safe, so please consult with your vet before choosing a cat grass that works for you!

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