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How can an animal chiropractor help my pet?

There are several techniques an animal chiropractor may use to get your animal back to feeling better. Here at In Stride Chiropractic, we offer a multimodal approach that can complement your current veterinary routine!

Animal chiropractic

I am a service based industry where I utilize a variety of techniques in order to get patients back to feeling better⁠

One of my favorite, and primary means, of getting patients better is the adjustment! ⁠

Through hands on evaluation, I find areas with improper motion. I correct the motion with a hands on or instrument assisted force known as the adjustment.⁠

I love how this therapy is quick, effective, and has long lasting results


⁠One of my newest additions, also known as laser therapy, this service is safe, noninvasive, affordable, and easy to administer.⁠

Laser therapy utilizes certain wavelengths of red light to stimulate cells on a cellular level. This red light excites cells and improves their metabolism, meaning cells can replicate faster and generate more energy.⁠

This therapy is best known for it's application for decreasing inflammation, stopping pain, and promoting healing. ⁠

Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM)

This therapy focuses at improving glide of the layers of muscle, fascia, and tissue that surround and support the skeletal system⁠⁠

When layers of the soft tissue get "sticky" / "stuck" or accumulate toxins, such as lactic acid, this can cause a loss of glide and therefore pain and inflammation. ⁠ Through use of an instrument via massage, stroking, or scraping, we can improve glide in these tissues.⁠

Stretching Often, I demonstrate and send pets home with "exercises."⁠

Although I am not a rehabilitation expert for animals, I still find that simple stretches given to patient owners can help promote long lasting results to aid their pet during active recovery.⁠

During my evaluation of your pet, I will likely tailor and customize a plan that you can implement at home for your pet⁠

Let me know how I can utilize a combination of my services and therapies to help serve you and your pet!

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