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How to help your paralyzed dog

If your dog suddenly becomes paralyzed, you may be wondering to yourself: "How do I help them with mobility?"

Mobility issues can cause a whole new host of challenges when it comes to going outside to potty, getting around the house, or getting to the vet.

If you struggle with making a plan to help your newly mobility challenged dog, here are some quick solutions that can help you short term (or long term.)

1. Towel sling

If you are in an emergency situation, a towel folded in half hot dog style can easily make a great makeshift sling. It can be a bit cumbersome because you have to hold the remainder of your towel in a fist, but in an unexpected crisis, this towel can do the trick.

2. Re-usable grocery bag sling

Another great low cost short term solution is a grocery bag. Cut out the side panels without handles and fashion a makeshift sling at little to no cost. The handles make this more convenient for long term use.

3. Gingerlead sling

This is a long term solution if you have a post surgical pet. This sling is unique in that is comes with a detachable leash attachment. This can attach onto their collar or a harness they already have. It is heavy duty, adjustable, and machine washable! I love this sling for CCL dogs post surgery, hip dysplasia dogs, IVDD dogs, and more.

If you'd like to buy one of these slings, visit this link here:


I want to let you know you came to the right place for integrative and holistic therapies for your pet!

We are certified by the AVCA which is a top notch and rigorous certification program of 200+ hours class time followed by a written and practical board exam. We take 10 yearly hours of continuing education because we value knowing the most in order to provide the best.

When choosing adjustments for your pet, choose someone licensed, trained, and certified.

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