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New Years Resolutions for your Pet

Put together a folder

I think these past two years have taught us a lot when it comes to taking care of our pets.

I know everyone always thinks to make resolutions for themselves, but this year I thought it would be a great idea to plan PROACTIVELY for better health for our pets!

I love this idea from @canaandcoda. Their momma puts together a comprehensive folder of everything from their food, medications, supplements, and recent medical procedures.

It helps when everyone on the animal care team is on the same page. Making a resource where you compile all the information for your pet (digitally, or otherwise) can be very beneficial.

Feet and teeth

Try your best to do what you can at home. Get into a routine and make it a habit to brush your pet's teeth and trim their nails (I recommend every 2-3 weeks!)

If you're nervous to do these tasks yourself, take the time to find a qualified groomer or vet in your area and try to book out your appts well in advance.

Plan 1-2x/year annual visits with your vet

It's imperative to get your vet regular wellness visits to ensure optimum health.

I recommend a visit to your primary care veterinarian at least 1x/year to do an exam and preventative diagnostics to rule out any underlying chronic diseases.

When you catch things early, many times it is less expensive to treat in the long run

Savings or pet insurance

Pet health emergencies can and will happen and it's best to plan for them before they occur. Count your pennies and stock them away in an emergency fund or consider looking into pet insurance to help you pay for the unexpected.

Do some reading

What are the latest and greatest things in the pet industry? Have you heard of species appropriate diet? Have you heard of titer testing? What about cold laser or acupuncture? My favorite books about pet health are the @foreverdogbook The 5 things your vet never told you by @odettesuterdvm and Yin and Yang Pet nutrition by @drjudymorgan

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