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Senior pet tips

In this monthly blog post, we're going to go over a few tips and tricks that can help your pup enjoy their golden years.

Consider the flooring

When it comes to slick floors, your senior pet may have a hard time getting traction.⁠

Consider rugs, mats, or runners to help your old dog get a grip!

Shave the socks off

If your pet has excessive toe fur, it's like they are wearing socks!⁠

With slick floors, this can cause a loss of traction and increase the risk of injury. ⁠

Take those feet to the groomers.

Give them a safe space

Younger pups wanting to play? Curious children around the house?⁠

Your older pup may need some time away, so consider making them a safe space where they can get away and relax

Keep them sharp

Keep the mind engaged with some mind stimulating toys!⁠

If your pet struggles to bend down, consider a snuffle mat on a stool. If you pet struggles to chew, consider some soft chewy treats.⁠

Keeping your pet active can keep them involved and enjoying their golden years

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