Kaitlyn Lackey CAC

My mission

Hello, my name is Kaitlyn Lackey and I'm so excited that you've chosen me to provide integrative and natural therapies for your animal.

In Stride Chiropractic strives to provide you the following:

1) Holistic alternatives for pain relief

I want to provide MORE options for pets. I find, too often, that the only options presented to pet owners are: drugs, surgery, or euthanasia... but there is so much more out there! Just like there are holistic alternatives for people, there are similar therapies for pets. (You just haven't heard or ASKED about them yet.) I beseech all pet parents to always ask questions and know your options before making a decision. Your pet is family!

2) Wellness promotion of your animal 

Wellness is so important because our animals age faster than we do. As the years go by, we start to find that our pet can't get around like they used to and they no longer enjoy their normal routine. Vitality and longevity is something all animals with spines should enjoy! Regular maintenance is critical to prolonged and sustained health.

3) Natural performance enhancement

When the body is functioning at its peak, it's amazing what it can do! Through gentle adjustments, we can restore the brain's ability to communicate with all the muscles, cells, tissues, and organs so your athlete can perform at their best... naturally!

My story

I fell in love with horses at an early age. As a teenager, my mom took me for riding lessons at age 9 and continued to take me up through high school. I wasn't able to attend many shows, nor was I very talented to start out with, but I loved it and refused to give up and have been riding ever since. I initially thought I'd grow up to be a horse trainer.

I attended the University of Findlay after high school and earned an Associate's in English Riding and Training. I thought all I wanted to do was hunter jumpers when I started, but I was brought back down to basics and ended up falling in love with the mental challenge of dressage. Natural horsemanship and learning the subtle cues of how to communicate with my equine partner was ultimately what fascinated me.

I then thought the obvious choice was going to be vet school, but God told me to wait. I took a sabbatical from school for 6 months and became a working student at a dressage barn in Pilot Point, TX. I very quickly learned being in the horse industry was very demanding and I noticed a disconnect in horse to rider communication due to body alignment and postural changes.

I left my job as groom and then began exploring the field of physical therapy (briefly) before I attended an open house at Parker University. I learned about holistic health and how it could be applied to animals. From there, there was no turning back.

Then, while in school, I sustained a serious head injury (riding horses, of course.) I had already a mild concussion in high school, but had a full blown second concussion as I was finishing my studies at Parker.  I had suffered mild tension headaches in the past, but after my injury, I started having migraines every day all day; I was light sensitive, moody, couldn't focus, and was antisocial. To be honest, I didn't know if I'd make it through school. I underwent an expensive brain MRI  and multiple doctor appointments only to find out "the headaches were all in my head" and to just take pain medication.


I was very fortunate to be a student at the time and receive care at the Parker Clinics. I had the very best interns taking care of me, and to this day, am fortunate to have only mild headaches every once in awhile compared to horrible migraines everyday (no pain medication needed!) 

I've experienced adjustments help me and I have also been witness to it helping animals. It is my life's mission to do all I can to bring this amazing gift to all spines. Now that you know more about me, I can't wait to hear about your chiropractic miracle story! (:

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Hours of Operation

By appointment only

Area of Service

Cats / dogs: several convenient locations

Large: house calls or haul in available


Our services are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any specific illness or condition and should only be used as a complement to Veterinary care.  Adjustments may provide support and encourage the body into its most optimal state of health.  We operate in full compliance with all Texas laws and regulations.  The content provided herein is informational only and is not to be construed as veterinary advice.  Consult your Veterinarian before seeking adjustments for your pets.