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Kaitlyn Lackey 

"I believe all spines deserve to be adjusted."

Many people don’t know that I’ve sustained 3 very serious head injuries due to horseback riding. 


When I sought medical treatment for these injuries, traditional medicine "failed me."


I'm very fortunate to have found chiropractic. Getting adjusted gave me my life back after I was struggling every day with dehabilitating migraines.


After seeing what it did for me, I thought: why isn’t this available to animals, too?

I decided against vet school and instead pursued chiropractic education.  I graduated Parker University in April of 2017 with 2 Bachelors and my Doctorate then later received my AVCA certification in June of 2017.

I practiced for 2 years on humans and then shifted my focus to offering chiropractic care for animals full time in 2019.

I continue to do all that I can to practice evidence informed and patient centric chiropractic care to guarantee that my clients receive the best results.

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Why choose certified?

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Only veterinarians or chiropractors trained in animal chiropractic should be adjusting your animals

 Only veterinarians and chiropractors (or students in the field thereof) are allowed to enroll in a 210+ hour postgraduate animal chiropractic training program. Courses may include: ACES, Healing Oasis, Health Pioneers, Parker, Options for Animals, or etc


Once completed, applicants are then eligible to test for proficiency by a certifying association (such as the AVCA, IVCA, or etc.)


It is in your animal's better interest to have only a trained provider work on your animal as even a well-intentioned practitioner can cause harm if they do not have the proper training. A trained provider will know when NOT to adjust an animal / when an animal needs to be referred out for further work up or intervention.


A certified practitioner has taken a test to prove their knowledge and safety is also much more likely to carry proper insurance. This can protect you, your animal, and (if applicable) your referring veterinarian should any adverse reaction to treatment occur

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