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Kaitlyn Lackey 

"I believe all spines deserve to be adjusted."

Many people don’t know that I’ve sustained 3 very serious head injuries due to horseback riding. 


When I sought medical treatment for these injuries, traditional medicine "failed me."


I'm very fortunate to have found chiropractic. Getting adjusted gave me my life back after I was struggling every day with dehabilitating migraines.


After seeing what it did for me, I thought: why isn’t this available to animals, too?

I decided against vet school and instead pursued chiropractic education.  I graduated Parker University in April of 2017 with 2 Bachelors and my Doctorate then later received my AVCA certification in June of 2017.

I practiced for 2 years on humans and then shifted my focus to offering chiropractic care for animals full time in 2019.

I continue to do all that I can to practice evidence informed and patient centric chiropractic care to guarantee that my clients receive the best results.

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Our core values

* Be your animal's advocate

Is rest and pain medication the only thing you should do for your animal when they hurt themselves? It's not a bad idea... but it's also not the only (or final) answer. Take things one step further: ask about side effects, ask about long term expectations, and never be afraid to get more than one opinion. You are your animal's voice. Speak up for them!

*Health by choice, not by chance

When you know better, you do better. At In Stride Chiropractic, we value owners that want to take a proactive VS a reactive approach to their animal's health care. We prefer to come alongside our clients as they seek to promote overall health for their animal instead of reactively addressing problems as they occur.

* Do the work and take ownership

Many clients look to us for solutions to their animal's health problems. While we are thankful to be able to provide effective solutions with our services, we don't believe in miracle cures nor do we believe that we will "fix" something and it will never come back. Health is dynamic. Together, we work with owners as a team in order to create (and maintain) an animal's best health. That means owners that become clients with us are expected to take an active role in their animal's recovery.

* The patient comes first

At In Stride Chiropractic, we're not afraid to put your animals' needs first. We mean it:  we want what's best for your animal above all else. That can sometimes mean that we will have to have tough conversations. We feel that it's important to be caring, but also direct, with our owners as we move towards our shared interest in what's best for your animal.

* This is a practice, not an exact science

Working with animals comes with it's own inherent challenges. We do our best to facilitate a fear free (but also an effective) visit. We may need some patience and grace as we work to find what works best and is comfortable for your animal. Results are not guaranteed, but we will work our hardest to make sure that your animal gets what (or where) they need in order to feel better.

* It's important to be open to learning new things

In a world where animal chiropractic standards of care are not well agreed upon, we strive to be a step above the rest. We are licensed, certified, and continue to take continuing education every year in order to learn more about our craft. This is important to us so that we can provide the best care for your animals. 

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