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Thank you for considering animal chiropractic care

"We aim to complete NOT compete."

I wanted to say thank you for being curious and exploring additional complementary options for your patients.

My job is to work together with veterinarians in order to offer patients conservative options for the co-management of neuro-musculoskeletal disorders. 

Common things I work with include:
-Mystery lameness

-Behavior change

-Degenerative disorders

-Orthopedic problems

-Neurologic deficits

-Performance enhancement

I do NOT replace traditional vet care. I believe animals do best with a multi-modal approach. 

You can expect:

-Prompt updates after every visit

-Open communication via phone or email 

-Referrals back for further management


Yes, new patients will need a written referral prior to booking. 

I look forward to working together!

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Sending a patient



Please have client reach out to us directly so they can start forms online



Download and print vet referral form 

-please include owner contact information

-please fill out bottom of the form labeled "FOR VET TO COMPLETE"





Please forward any records you have

You can email or

To speak with us directly about a patient, please call 469-324-9844 (press ext 0)


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