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Best last day

Visit their favorite place

It's never easy to decide on when it's time to let go.⁠

But, if you've made the hard decision on setting a date, there are some things you can do leading up to the event to make for what we call the "best last day."⁠

One of my favorite ideas is to take your pet to their favorite place.⁠

If it's the beach: let them dig in the sand and play in the waves.⁠

If it's the park: bring a wagon and back pack and make it a picnic⁠

Involve the family and capture some pictures to remember the occasion.

Indulge a little with a snack!⁠

You may have to time this last meal appropriately, but what guilty pleasure can you indulge your pet in on their last day?⁠

Something savory or something sweet might be a big hit

Get a massage

Old bones, tired joints?

Achy muscles?

Your old pup deserves a massage.

I recommend a pampered send of by having a certified canine massage therapist work on your pooch.

Have a photoshoot

Hiring a pet photographer can help you make some lasting memories with your senior pet.⁠

I recommend getting some pictures framed or hung on a canvas to display around the home.

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