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What to expect

*Due to Texas laws and regulations, we must have a vet referral on file prior to booking!*

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in stride canine animal adjustment

Canine Treatment

$90 initial, $60 follow up

This service includes a pre-treatment case discussion, gait analysis, hands on evaluation, adjustment, myofascial work or stretches (as needed), at home recommendation(s), and post-treatment report via email.


((If in-home visit, an additional travel fee may apply.))

*Puppies receive complimentary 1st  evaluation if mother is treated within 30 days of birthing


Red light therapy

Starting at $40

Red light therapy is a complimentary modality that is used to enhance healing. Through the use of a certain wavelength of light, this therapy stimulates cells to produce more energy so they can replicate and heal faster. 

Will my pet insurance cover?

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