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What to expect

*Due to Texas laws and regulations, we must have a vet referral on file prior to booking your horse!*


For barn calls, please understand treatment times are approximate.


Travel fees are roughly $2-3 per mile.

Travel fees will be waived if over 5 horses are booked.

Deposit required when booking.

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Kissing spine


Barn Call Range



in stride equine animal adjustment

Equine Treatment

$160 initial, $130 follow up

This service includes a pre-treatment case discussion, complementary tack fit consultation, gait analysis, hands on evaluation, adjustment, myofascial work or stretches (as needed), at home recommendation(s), and post-treatment report via email.


((Travel fee not included.))

*Foals receive complimentary 1st evaluation if mother is treated within 30 days of foaling


Red light therapy

Starting at $40

Red light is a complimentary modality that is used to enhance healing. Through the use of a certain wavelength of light, this therapy stimulates cells to produce more energy so they can replicate and heal faster. 

kt tape.jpg


Starting at $30

Kinesiology taping is a way to reintegrate the brain to body connection. Kinesiology tape is not like traditional bracing (as the tape is flexible), but instead acts to signal receptors of the skin and hair therefore allowing  the brain to better understand where the body is. This enhances performance and speeds healing. Most used applications: swelling, muscle spasm, propioceptive loss, and more.

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